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Magical Blogorail Coast-to-Coast #Giveaway

Magical Blogorail giveaway

Love Disney? Love Dooney & Bourke handbags? Love giveaways? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you that will make you fall in love with The Magical Blogorail (if you’re not already)! Several members of The Magical Blogorail are offering 2 lucky winners 1 truly grand prize each! That’s right! There will be 2 randomly [...]

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The Final Ultimate Field Trip

The Annual Ultimate Field Trip to Walt Disney World Resort is finally here! If you are a regular reader, you know this is one of my family’s Disney traditions. In fact, it’s the reason my family first traveled to Walt Disney World in 2006, and it is what sparked all my Disney passion. The Ultimate [...]

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Magical Mouse Schoolhouse: July in Review

Typhoon Lagoon Castaway Creek

We plunged right into July and made a big splash at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. Did you miss any of the fun? Even when school’s not in session, you can still learn while you play with Walt Disney entertainment! Magical Mouse Schoolhouse: July in Review Typhoon Lagoon’s Castaway Creek: Castaway Creek is a scenic river [...]

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June Review at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Blizzard Beach sign

Has the first half of this year just flown by you too? They do say time flies when you’re having fun, and we do like to learn while we play here at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse! This month we cyber-visited one of the water parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Let’s look back [...]

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Blizzard Beach: Toboggan Racers

Blizzard Beach Toboggan Racers

Please welcome once again our wonderful assistant Tiffany! We talked recently about the Downhill Double Dipper. Another great racing attraction at Blizzard Beach is the Toboggan Racers. Located between Slush Gusher and the Snow Stormers, these slides allow you to race seven other people instead of just one! Just climb Mount Gushmore to the hilly [...]

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Blizzard Beach: Summit Plummet

In keeping with the ski resort theme, Blizzard Beach offers a varied level of downhill excitement. We’ve talked about some of the tamer attractions, like Teamboat Springs and Melt-Away Bay, but there’s more to Disney’s Blizzard Beach than bunny slopes! The park wienie of Blizzard Beach is its Mount Gushmore. Standing a whopping 90 feet [...]

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Downhill Double Dipper at Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach Downhill Double Dipper

We’re so glad to have our summer assistant with us again this year! Please welcome back the wonderfully talented Tiffany, who’s taking us on a slalom down Blizzard Beach’s Downhill Double Dipper. As the name suggests, the Downhill Double Dipper at Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a side-by-side tube ride. This is one of Blizzard Beach’s [...]

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Blizzard Beach: Melt-Away Bay

Blizzard Beach Melt-Away Bay

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that springs to mind when I think of snowy, icy mountaintops is not a day at the beach! But if that wintry paradise is located in warm, sunny Florida, Blizzard Beach’s Melt-Away Bay is where I’m headed. Melt-Away Bay is the result of a frosty freeze [...]

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Blizzard Beach Dining

Blizzard Beach Tropic Dog

“Skiing” the slopes of Mount Gushmore can snowball a big hunger. Good thing Blizzard Beach offers lots of dining choices to satisfy any appetite. Try a Blizzard Dog or a Tropic Dog with banana peppers, tomatoes, and onions on a pretzel bun, or chomp a turkey leg and frozen treats at Avalunch. Get a lotta [...]

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Blizzard Beach: Teamboat Springs

Blizzard Beach Teamboat Springs

The weather’s heating up, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to hit the Walt Disney World water parks! Let’s head first to Blizzard Beach, which by the way, just turned 18 two months ago. Blizzard Beach began as a ski resort, as legend holds, when a freak winter storm blew through and [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Disney Characters on Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade dragon

Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park Add MAGICAL MOUSE SCHOOLHOUSE to your home library!

Tiggerific Tuesday Disney Trivia: Japan Pavilion Torii Gate

Epcot Japan torii gate

The red torii gate in the lagoon near Epcot’s Japan Pavilion resembles others found throughout the country of Japan. The [...]

Epcot World Showcase: China Pavilion

Epcot China Pavilion

Ni hao, hello! When Walt Disney World’s Epcot opened in 1982, special ceremonies spotlighted various attractions, and the China Pavilion [...]

Make a Splash this Summer at SeaWorld Camps

MAKE A SPLASH WITH SEAWORLD CAMPS Get Up-Close Animal Experiences at SeaWorld Orlando Looking to expand interests this summer for [...]

Epcot World Showcase: Morocco Pavilion

Epcot Morocco Pavilion

In 1777, the Kingdom of Morocco was the first country to officially recognize the United States of America as an [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Couture

Disney Dooney Bourke purses

Add MAGICAL MOUSE SCHOOLHOUSE to your home library!