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    Disney’s Blizzard Beach: Runoff Rapids

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    Let’s climb back atop Blizzard Beach’s Mount Gushmore and explore more of the action Ice Gator created from that winter storm meltoff. Around the bend from Teamboat Springs is another tube ride where thrill seekers can flume either solo or with a partner. It’s called Runoff Rapids, and it offers 3 unique, twisty, curvy slides.

    Big kids, teens, and adults can all enjoy the rush of Runoff Rapids. The center slide is for single riders only. After you board your tube at the top, you won’t know which way you will splish or splash, because this slide is fully enclosed all the way down. You can only catch glimpses of what lies ahead when pinholes of light peek through.

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    Runoff Rapids’ outer slides both allow double-passenger tubes; however each 600-foot slope sends you a different route down the mountainside, snaking under and around the center slide. Despite differences, the one thing all 3 have in common is that they deposit riders into a refreshing splashdown at the bottom!

    Today’s Takeaway:
    Runoff Rapids and Teamboat Springs both feature inner tube style raft vehicles. Do today’s kids even know what an inner tube is anyway? In the “olden days,” car tires required an inflatable inner liner—an inner tube—to hold the air in the tire. People used to upcycle used tubes for river rafting and floating around on lakes or for other water entertainment. Water parks picked up on that idea, and now you can see how Disney has plussed the concept into awesome water park fun!

    Bicycle tires, tractors, and some other vehicles still use inner tubes, but most modern cars do not. If you have any old bike tubes lying around the garage, grab them, clean them up, and see what creative new uses you can upcycle them into. This Instructables page has lots of great suggestions! I particularly like the inner tube no-slip house socks, door draft stopper, and flower planter. Which ones appeal to you?

    For more information on how tires and inner tubes work, have your kids read this article from Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

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