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Epcot: Innoventions West

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Let’s take a look at Epcot’s Future World and some of the cool hands-on science stuff at Innoventions West.

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At Innoventions West

    • Learn the importance of sound financial planning at The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. Play interactive games with physical and virtual elements, led by your personal investment guide (PIG), that challenge you and your family to save and spend money wisely. But beware! The wolf is hot on your tail.
    • Create an avatar then play a video game starring YOU at Smarter Planet. That’s right, IBM puts you in the game at run time. Play your way through computing history and see how advances in computer design can reduce energy use and how technology helps solve complex problems.
    • Team up and use high-tech devices to search “the most dangerous house in America” for fire hazards at Where’s the Fire? Become an honorary Fire Chief by answering the most questions at the Burning Questions kiosks, explore the Play it Safe Maze, and investigate the interactive 30-foot pumper truck.
wheres the fire http://www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com
Photo property of Disney Parks
Today’s Takeaway:

Visit the Innoventions website to access three online games:

  1. Recycle Rush—Use your speed, skill, and smarts to go through a series of recycling challenges. Each activity is preceded by a bit of recycling trivia.
  2. The Great Piggy Bank Adventure—Online board game version of the interactive finance game you’ll find at Innoventions West (discussed above). There’s also a free, downloadable activity book available.

Now put those online gaming lessons to use in real life:

  1. Gather up recyclables in your home and challenge your kids to sort them into bins for paper, metal, glass, and plastic.
  2. Discuss financial responsibilities with your children. Outline a chore chart and help your kids start earning money to save in their piggy banks.

SCHOOL SUBJECT: Citizenship, Economics

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