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#DisneySMMoms Invitations Have Gone Out!

disneysmmoms logo http://www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.comThe rumors have been confirmed: the first round of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, aka #DisneySMMoms, invitations have gone out! I know at least one awesome Disney blogger who’s going to Disneyland this year, and my fingers are crossed hard that I’ll get to join her there, although I did not receive that much-coveted invite as of yet. Rumor has it that the next set of invites from Disney will come out soon. Best tip is to check the hashtag #DisneySMMoms on your social networks. Be sure to follow @leannej and @Gary_Jerry on Twitter, as these two put a ton of effort into organizing these events, and they interact with folks regularly. Also follow the official #DisneySMMoms Twitter handle, @DisneySMMoms, although they rarely tweet.

I have not yet attended a #DisneySMMoms event, but from what I understand, the conference is a great event to participate in, and I’d really enjoy being able to go one day.  I think everyone has a chance to get an invite, simply because you can only go to the conference three times — Disney wants to make sure that new bloggers are able to go.  I used to be very conversive on Twitter, but I have reduced my time there and now schedule most my tweets and occasionally comment and retweet.  I’d really like to improve all my social media participation and increase my presence, and I know the conference would certainly make a difference.

Are any of you Social Media experts in general, and particularly Disney Social Media experts? Did any of you receive an invitation? If you do, be sure to drop back by and let me know so I can celebrate with you!

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  • Esti

    Jodi, I love your blog and it sure has a lot of helpful tips regarding a trip to WDW and WDL. Hope you get the invite soon! I have heard incredible things about the conference as well and I know many incredible social media moms and dads that have attended #disneysmmoms!