Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Island Village of Martinique

We have a very special Guest today! Please give a Pooh-sized welcome to our good friend Beth from Pursuing the Magic. Beth is a mom to three adorable kiddos, who all love Walt Disney World. In fact, Beth is such a big Disney fan she created the Magical Blogorail! She’s here today with a wonderful overview of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort resorted is located on property at Walt Disney World.  It brings the tropics alive. The colors, the music, and the landscaping will make you feel as though you have stepped into a Caribbean vacation. The resort has many amenities to offer its Guests, including on-property table and quick service dining, recreational activities for the entire family, and a bright, fun atmosphere to keep up anyone’s spirits!

This resort is divided into six village islands: Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, North and South Trinidad, and Martinique. Each village has its own color scheme and quiet pool. The rooms are brightly decorated with a hint of Nemo being added during their last renovation. Rooms have either king beds or two full sized beds. There is also a flat screen TV, as well as a mini refrigerator. Before my youngest turned three, these rooms were just the right size for our family of five.

Inside Ol’ Port Royale, this resort offers on-site table service dining at Shutters and quick service dining at the food court. Shutters serves only dinner with a Caribbean flair. The food court is open from 6AM to midnight, though some portions of the food court are open later than others. This is perfect for us because it has options that range from a deli serving sandwiches and salads to a pasta and pizza spot to a grill that serves burgers and hot dogs and much more. One of our favorite parts of the food court is the broiler section. Here you can get roasted chicken or turkey, as well as salmon accompanied with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and many other options. This meal has a great price, but also I feel as though I am giving my children something healthy. Even better, these meals are large enough to split between my two younger children. My children’s favorite part of the food court is that all kid’s meals are served in sand buckets with shovels. If you are lucky, you just might be dining at the food court when cast members come out with music blaring and their limbo stick ready to get guests up and doing the limbo! Of course, there is also a poolside bar called the Banana Cabana Bar. They have some fun, fruity. and frozen drinks here to enjoy while relaxing near the pool!Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

There is no shortage of recreational activities at the Caribbean Beach Resort. There is a marina with plenty of boat rental options from large pontoon boats that can accommodate up to 10 guests to peddle boats, canoes, sailboats and much more. The resort also offers bike and surrey bike rentals, which make for an exciting way to explore the resort grounds. If you have little ones looking for adventure, there is a Caribbean Pirate Adventure Cruise offering for children between the ages of four and twelve. Barefoot Bay, the lake in the center of the resort, is surrounded by white sand beaches with hammocks and beach chairs, which are a great place to relax while watching your little ones play in the sand with their buckets from lunch!Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

One thing this resort has plenty of is pools. Each island village has its own quiet pool.  The main pool at Ol’ Port Royale is pirate themed and really fun for the whole family.  I love the zero entry, so all  my children can wade it in at their own pace. If you have little ones who love to splash around, they also offer a wonderful (and my children’s absolute favorite part of the resort) pirate themed splash area. It is a great place for even your littlest ones to cool off! I always had a difficult time getting my children to leave this area to go back to the parks, if that is any indication how much they loved it.

I find that the Caribbean’s central location makes traveling by Disney bus (the only mode of Disney transportation from this resort) pretty convenient. I have heard complaints about how long the buses take, but we have not experienced that due to the time we generally travel. Buses have always been by our stop 10-15 minutes and our trips to the parks are manageable with three little ones. Because the resort is so large, this resort does offer an internal bus. This bus travels just to each island village, the Custom House (this is the check in area and accessible from the Barbados stop) and Ol’ Port Royale.

Finally, my hidden gem of this resort, because of its proximity to Epcot, each night along the beach near Martinique your can see portions of Illuminations. Even better, you can hear the pre-show music at the resort, as well as music from the entire show. For us, with three little ones who could not stay up late enough for Illuminations, this was the perfect way for us to catch one of our favorite nighttime shows in Disney from our resort, while the kids slept (and my mom and dad kept and eye on the kids).

Thank you for that great overview, Beth!

Today’s Takeaway:
Beth mentioned that the “villages” of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort are named for island nations in the Caribbean Sea: Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, North and South Trinidad, and Martinique. Today, get to the kitchen for a taste of the islands, ‘mon!

This recipe comes from Food Network. Here’s what you’ll need for the rub. Click this link to get the full recipe!
Jamaican Jerk Rum Rub:

1 red onion, chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 teaspoons white pepper
1/4 cup chopped green onion tops
2 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
5 small jalapenos
2 tablespoons cooking oil (olive or vegetable)
Splash flavorful rum or rum extract that contains no alcohol

SCHOOL SUBJECT: Geography, Home Economics
SKILL LEVEL: Middle Grades
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