Goofy Golf on Disney Cruise Line

Goofy Golf on Disney Cruise LineGoofy Golf on Disney Cruise LineGoofy Golf on Disney Cruise Line

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Please welcome our good friend and very special Guest, high school math teacher Joanna from Joanna & her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs and formerly of The Magical Blogorail. As the self-professed “goddess of math,” Joanna shares tips for a better Disney experience as well as trip reports from her multiple Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line trips. Check out one of her favorite posts from her blog, “Dating Like a Disney Princess“! 

One of the tips I heard before my cruise on the Disney DREAM was to wear my swimsuit, and ride the AquaDuck while waiting for my cabin to be ready. My family, however, skipped the pool deck after lunch and headed right up to Deck 13 to Goofy’s Sports Deck. We discovered that the crowds were elsewhere on the ship leaving the miniature golf course fairly free!

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Miniature golf on board the Dream quickly became a family favorite. We could enjoy a round of mini golf anytime of the day.  It was almost sure to be empty of other guests in the mornings while we were waiting to go to breakfast. Besides, you can’t beat the breathtaking view from the Sports Deck.

Goofy Golf, as we called it, boasts 9 holes.  According to Disney, Goofy designed the course for Max, his son.  Each hole has a starting tee for Goofy’s golf ball and another, closer to the hole, tee for Max.  From each tee there is a dotted line mapping the ideal path, including spots to bounce off of course walls, for the ball to make it to the hole. Each hole has a different theme. Pluto’s dog bone, a sandcastle, beach toys, a lawn mower, pirates, and even the kitchen sink show up on the course. Oh and be sure to be careful as you pick your golf club – some of them are crooked making the already goofy course even more exciting!

Golfing at sea can really test your mathematical abilities! While trying to line up the perfect shot using all of your high school Geometry knowledge, you also must consider variables like the swaying of the ship and the sometimes high wind speeds. One of my golf balls got caught in the wind and flew right off of the course!  As a math teacher, I thought it was neat to see the angles come alive as we played this game. There’s even a hole dedicated to the math behind the game; it includes a magnifying glass, large math textbook, and demonstration of the algebraic concept of slope. Needless to say, I had to take plenty of photos to show my students I did math on vacation and had fun doing it!

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Today’s Takeaway:
Follow Joanna’s example and use your math skills while you play! Design your own putt-putt course in your house. Each room can be a different hole with its own unique theme, angles, and stroke goal (par). Apply your knowledge of algebra to incorporate challenging angles and bank shots. If you don’t have any golf clubs, pick up a sturdy stick from the backyard or local park (do not damage any trees or bushes!), and use a small snack cup if you don’t have a ball. Be creative!

SKILL LEVEL: High School

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 Goofy Golf on Disney Cruise Line

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 Goofy Golf on Disney Cruise Line

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  • JenniferLissak

    What a great takeaway from a cruise mini golf!! Great post!

    • Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      Thanks, Jenn!

  • jules p

    my family would love this. what a neat thing for Disney to have on their ship!

    • Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      It really is!

  • Heather Hedy F

    That golf looks awesome!

    • Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      I saw it when I was on the DREAM, but I didn’t play. Looks really fun!

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