fish extender

Disney Cruise Line: Fish Extenders

fish extender

Alrighty! This month we’ve been virtually sailing aboard the magical Disney Cruise Line! We’ve learned all about rotational dining, adventurous adult-only activities, and some top-deck Goofy golfing, as well as how to plan for your first cruise and where DCL is headed next year. Well, now we’re getting to a fun activity that makes it all personal–fish extenders!

What?! What in the world is a fish extender? I once asked the same question. You see, outside the door of your DCL cabin is a little fish-shaped hook. Here, your steward/Mousekeeper/friends/strangers leave itineraries, notices, and random goodies for you and your family. A fish extender does exactly what it’s name implies, it extends that little fish hook.

Here’s a nice Youtube video of many decorated cabin doors on the Disney DREAM. In it you’ll see several creative fish extenders.

My family does not yet have a Disney cruise on the books, but we made this extender over the weekend so we’ll be ready when our ship comes in!

Today’s Takeaway:

Make your own fish extender!

To make one similar to mine, you will need 2 wooden dowels, a yard of sturdy (wool, or partly wool) felt, ribbon, fabric glue (hot glue, other glue that sticks well, stapler/staples, paper sacks, and stickers or other embellishments.

fish extender

This is what I did:

  1. Cut the flannel to the length and width you desire. Don’t make it too wide. Remember it will be hanging beside your door, so you don’t want it to be in the way.
  2. Roll the top edge of the flannel over one of the dowels. Glue down the edge over the rod. You’ll want to leave about an inch of dowel extending from either side so you’ll have something to tie the hanger onto.
  3. Secure the 2nd dowel to the opposite end to weight down your extender. I secured mine by cutting strips and knotting them around the dowel.
  4. Decorate paper sacks (or you can sew pouches) as you’d like, and secure them to the flannel. I stapled the bottom and sides and reinforced with E6000 glue (that glue sticks better than any other!).
  5. Finish decorating and hang from the hook by your DCL cabin door, and sail away!


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  • Hayden Davis

    this is really cute and looks easy to recreate :) thanks for sharing!

    • Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      Thanks, Hayden! There’s lots of ways you can personalize it too.

  • Heather Hedy F

    I like this I may try it (I just used a stocking the last time)

    • Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      Oh, I bet that worked perfectly! I assume you went over Christmas?