Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA VehiclesDisneyland Paris: Main Street USA VehiclesDisneyland Paris: Main Street USA VehiclesDisneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles
Mercer Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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It’s the turn of the century—the last century—and as you stroll along Main Street USA toward Sleeping Beauty Castle, you can’t help but note the speedy, newfangled vehicles called automobiles. A variety of “modern” motor contraptions whiz past at speeds about equal to a horse-drawn trolley, transporting Guests between Town Square and Central Plaza.

paddy wagon Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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The authentic vehicles add to the early-1900s Americana atmosphere and transport Guests not only in actual distance but in time period as well with the largest collection of vehicles of all the Disney Magic Kingdom Parks. The volunteer fire department is never too busy to give up to 12 Guests a lift in a red and bronze, turn-of-the-twentieth-century fire truck. Likewise, the police seem to have time on their hands as well, so they perk up up to 8 Guests in the paddy wagon. Public transportation for up to 35 Guests is also available on the omnibus, a double-decker bus offering seats below or atop with a great view over the street. For those who prefer a private drive, up to 2 Guests can ride in the Mercer, or parties of up to 8 can relax in a luxurious, open-top limousine. A sixth vehicle, the Main Street Deliveries truck, is not available for rides but does venture along the street selling refreshing beverages.

firetruck Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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Not all the Main Street USA Vehicles operate at the same time, so check your chosen mode of transportation at the corresponding City Vehicle Stop sign. And as always, enjoy your ride aboard Disney parks transportation!

Today’s Takeaway:
Study the invention of the “horseless carriage,” or early automobiles. Notice how the body design resembled that of a traditional horse-drawn carriage, and how the driver and steering stick (not even a wheel) were originally located in the center of the vehicle, much like the positioning of a coach driver wielding the reigns of his team of horses.

horseless carriage2 Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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Compare the designs and modes of propulsion to the plethora of vehicles available today. Perhaps select two in particular to compare and contrast, and then purchase an inexpensive model of each from a nearby hobby shop to replicate them at home.

SKILL LEVEL: Middle Grades

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 Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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 Disneyland Paris: Main Street USA Vehicles

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  • David Smith

    This is a cool activity. My son has always liked old cars and so have I. Thanks for the activity for us to do.

    • http://www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com/ Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

      You are very welcome, David!

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