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If you homeschool beyond the elementary years, you will need a reliable record-keeping system, especially if you intend to continue schooling through high school. Requirements vary per state, of course, but in general, grade scoring and progress tracking for Kindergarten through 5th grade is not as critical as tabulating high school grade points and credits. Whether or not your student plans to pursue higher education, he (or she) will need some kind of proof that he did the necessary work to earn a high school diploma.

I have been homeschooling since the year 2000. That’s a lot of years to keep track of! A few years back, in anticipation of getting my eldest child through the high school years, I attended a day-long seminar dedicated solely to the homeschool high school transcript. An entire day. I learned a lot, and I came home with a 4-inch thick binder and an overloaded—and even more anxious—brain. If only I’d had access to My Home School Grades at that time! The process would have been a lot less intimidating and a lot more enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable!

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My Home School Grades is an online homeschool lesson planning, grade reporting, and transcript preparing service all in one convenient bundle. For a one-time fee of $49.99, members have lifetime access to one of the most helpful, no-stress, parent/teacher assistants that I’ve seen. And that fee is for the whole family—NOT per child.

You get

  • Complete customization for your homeschool recordkeeping
  • Record keeping for all of your students (or just one, if you want)
  • Pre-programmed curriculum options (Sonlight, Alpha Omega, Apologia, etc.) or customize your own
  • Your choice of data recording (Pass/Fail, numeric grades, or letter grades)
  • As much or as little detail as you want to include—record individual lessons, tests, and quizzes, or just record a final course grade
  • Whole year or single semester options
  • (For high school) Full or partial course credit
  • GPA calculation, printable transcripts, and more!

It’s as simple as signing in and clicking the mouse. I’m serious! My Home School Grades is a great tool that every homeschooling parent should use. It eliminates those planning and grade reporting headaches and has brought me a lot of relief from those worries. My only complaint—which is minor—is that they need to add more curriculum options like Bob Jones, Christian Liberty, Saxon, and A Beka, but I think that’s something they’re continuing to work on.

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You can try it out right now for 14 days (or two weeks) FREE! Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. All you’ll need to do then is upgrade your program and you’ll be set for the life of your homeschooling career.

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 Mosaic Reviews: My Home School Grades

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