The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

 The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

Last Friday, the latest feature from Walt Disney Pictures and Tim Burton Animation, Frankenweenie, opened in theaters across the country. The stop-motion film was inspired by Burton’s 1984 live-action short by the same title, in which a young boy named Victor Frankenstein revives his beloved, deceased dog Sparky. (You can view a clip of the short here or catch the whole thing on Disney Family Movies this month.) The 2012 version takes that story line a little farther, paying homage to such classic fright fests as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Gremlins. Our summer assistant, Tiffany, saw the movie over the weekend and had this to say about it, “It’s a good movie for anyone who is a fan of these films, or a fan of Tim Burton! And it is all done tastefully (especially the death scene of Sparky). It also holds up to the original and the cinematography is wonderful! I think this is one of Burton’s best. A perfect Halloween movie for me!”

Well, if you’re visiting Disneyland Park now through November 5, 2012, you can find a very special limited-engagement exhibition. Head over to the Animation Courtyard of Disneyland Park’s Hollywood Land for The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition. On display is a showcase of extensive props, sets, puppets, and sketches from the film. Per Disney Parks, here’s what you will see: 

  • Tim Burton’s Desk—six motion slides screens of behind-the-scene images; sculpting tools; brushes and paints; an open script; original sketches; costumes; props and more 
  • Victor’s Attic Roof—posed puppets of Victor and Sparky 
  • Classroom—posed puppets of Victor’s teacher and classmates, school counselor, school set and an interactive camera 
  • Victor’s Bedroom—posed puppets and props of Victor’s Mom and Dad
 The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition
Photo via Frankenweenie Facebook app

The exhibition includes a special, eight-minute sneak preview of the movie at the Muppet Theater in the Disney Animation building. After November 5, this exhibit travels to Madrid, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Upon tour conclusion, the exhibit will have visited seven countries, including Spain, France, England, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Find more “shocking” details on Facebook.

Today’s Takeaway:
I think you’ll be fascinated by today’s activity. It’s electrifyingly interesting but MUST BE PERFORMED BY AN ADULT.

My local news station recently aired a report that warned of the dangers of ingesting button batteries. The program, of course, aimed at parents of small children, infants to toddler-age, who, at that stage of development, tend to put small things into their mouths. A physician interviewed in the report stated that these items usually pass through the digestive system without incident. However, she had a DIRE WARNING that a swallowed battery that gets lodged internally can potentially be SEVERLY DAMAGING and possibly FATAL.

The doctor said that a button battery, which can be found in many electronic toys, story books, and other gadgets, if stuck in the esophagus, can burn a hole through it in about two hours, causing severe pain and exposing the body to dangerous bacteria and infection. She demonstrated the battery’s corrosive action by inserting it into a hotdog. We replicated the experiment ourselves. Here are a few pictures taken at about 30-minute intervals. We could hear it sizzling after about 10 minutes and could notice a black ring around the edge of the battery. Hotdog juice was collecting in the pan after about an hour. Just imagine this happening inside a human body!

 The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

PARENTS, carefully demonstrate this experiment for your children. Remind them to be cautious when handling batteries, especially if there are small children in the home. For older students, assign further research to gain an understanding of the process that occurs when the battery “cooks” the hotdog.

View the original news report here:

SKILL LEVEL: High School (All ages can benefit from the demonstration)
 The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

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 The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition

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