Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

Walt once said, “I hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” But in reality, it was all started by a man named Walt Disney, the original character who was full of imagination and innovation.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios features a special attraction called Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. It was specifically created for the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birthday. Built like a museum, it exhibits memorabilia of Walt Disney’s life, starting from his hometown of Hermosa, Illinois, through his death and even beyond to the future of the Walt Disney Company and its endeavors. There are over 400 artifacts presented, including models, photographs, audio interviews, memorabilia, Oscars, and a replica of Walt’s office. One Man’s Dream allows Guests to get a closer look at Walt himself and the creativity he had.

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

One display is The Dancing Man, which was Walt’s first attempt at audio-animatronics. All the technical working is behind the figure and although the figure never fully worked for Walt, it was the first step in this robotic development. Another exhibit displays a view of the multiplane camera, used to make short films like The Old Mill, that helped created depth in hand-drawn animation. There is also a recreation of Walt’s office, and, true to Disney Imagineering style, every detail is right on the spot. A model of Peter Pan’s Flight and Jungle Cruise are on displays that were used in the pre-production of the rides. One of the highlights of One Man’s Dream is the plan for Walt’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (the inspiration for EPCOT) with the original televised episode of his show in which Walt himself explained this new idea of the Florida Project. Gems from past attractions at Walt Disney World such as Horizons and Journey into Imagination are available to be viewed and cannot be found anywhere else.

Newly items added to the attraction are models of the FantasyLand expansion. Get a birds’ eye view of the biggest expansion in Walt Disney World history for Magic Kingdom Park. Afterward enjoy a video with rare footage and audio interviews of Walt himself. Then, leave with a greater knowledge of the man who made Walt Disney World a reality.

Today’s Takeaway:
I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this attraction is. The attraction provides a wonderful and informative view into Walt Disney’s life and dreams. Next time you go to Hollywood Studios, take time out of your schedule and walk through the doors. If you are a parent, take this chance to introduce your children to the man behind the Mouse. If you’re not venturing to the parks anytime soon, do some research on your own. Learn about Walt’s early life, his travel to Hollywood, his early start with the Alice cartoons, Mickey’s creation, the start of Walt’s movie business, his ideas for Disneyland, and his death. There is plenty to learn about him and his attitude toward entertainment.

Today, create your own cartoon character like Walt’s Mickey Mouse. Consider who your audience will be and work in character traits that will make it appealing to that target group. For instance, do you hope to entertain preschoolers? You might want to design a cuddly animal, one that has soft, round features and a friendly face. If you’re aiming for a teen audience, your main characters would likely be teenagers with super abilities to do extraordinary things (and have really cool gadgets). Then, follow this tutorial and create a flipbook of your story.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14590838254182242794 Luanna

    We just went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco with our granddaughters and daughter yesterday – a “pre-trip” to our Disney World Trip coming in September. Walt Disney's life and accomplishments were amazing! Wish we would have had more time to spend there – 1 1/2 hours wasn't enough for me!