The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride

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Lights—Camera—Action! Step inside the movies in the Great Movie Ride! Enter the replica of Hollywood’s famous landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theater on the red carpet. On your way through the queue, you will pass by display cases of some very elaborate costumes that were worn in past movies. Then wind your way down to get into the movies. As you wait your turn, clips of famous movies are played, ranging from black and white to westerns to Alien (but don’t worry, it’s a short clip).

Your vehicle glides past an elaborate, brightly lit “Hollywood” wall (be sure to look for the hidden Mickeys before you leave the scene). As you move forward, you enter the golden age of cinema with such films as Singing in the Rain and Mary Poppins. While entering the gangster area and the western area, keep an eye on your driver, because you never know what will happen and you might just be part of the show! There is something for all ages, even the little ones as you see Mickey Mouse from Fantasia stirring up trouble and enter the Wizard of Oz, where you are encouraged to sing along.

As you get to the last room, a giant screen plays more famous movie clips. The trick is naming all the movies in such a short time. You are then brought back via virtual space travel to where you started.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sorcerer hat

What is not very well known is that the Great Movie Ride started as an idea for a new pavilion at Epcot and was going to be placed between The Land and Journey into Imagination. The idea was to give people an inside look into the movies. The idea was such a hit that a whole new theme park was created out of it instead and Disney’s Hollywood Studios was born.

Legal issues arose concerning the likeness of Grauman’s Chinese Theater being used as the main item for advertisement (the park wienie), therefore the Mickey’s sorcerer hat was built in front of it to purposely hide it. Later the contract with MGM expired and the park formally known as Disney’s MGM Studios was renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Today’s Takeaway:
On your next park visit, take time to look closely at the building as you approach the Great Movie Ride. You will see facades of a pharmacy and many other old time buildings, not just Disney stores. Take a moment to find one of the biggest hidden Mickeys in a park. The first thing to do with your map, before it becomes all wrinkled is to have a friend hold it out in front of you. See if you can find Mickey (hint: look at the BIG picture).


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