March Review

 March Review

Disneyland Resort Paris (DLRP) turns 20 years old next month! In anticipation of the celebration, we’ve been featuring some of the Resort’s attractions and amenities.

We began March where the imaginary becomes reality, at Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland. Here in this small world, puppets become real boys, elephants fly, a smiling cat deceives, and tea cups twirl. And it all occurs in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

 March Review

We turned back the clock to 1900 for a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A., and a visit to the Discovery Arcade.

We studied archaeology upside down on Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, the first Disney coaster in the world to feature an inversion.

To our friends “across the pond,” the American frontier is considered the Far West. To us, it is the Old West, and it was a time in American history that was as wild and rugged as the cowboys’ legends implied, and at DLRP, it’s a terrific display of “how the West was fun!”

Crushs+Coaster+1 March Review

We took a wild ride on the EAC, the East Australian Current, on Crush’s Coaster. Come on and grab shell, dude!

Utilizing real-time computer animation technology to bring the Master of Mischief to life, Stitch Live! had us rolling in the aisles.

Special Guest Donna from :Distherapy compared the California Grill here (at Walt Disney World) versus there (at DLRP), and as promised, Manda from Manda’s Disney Blog rounded out the month with a lead in to the 20th Anniversary celebration!


We also hosted our regular features, Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop…or Bounce! and Wordless Wednesday, as well as several great giveaways and our monthly incentive program, Earn Your EARS. And, of course, we took a ride on the Magical Blogorail Yellow!

Today’s Takeaway:
Take some time to peruse the articles you may have missed this month and be sure to try out all the fabulous Takeaways. Coming next month: Epcot!

 March Review

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