Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

 Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

Excitement abounds in Adventureland at Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort Paris. If a pirate’s life is for you, journey to the Pirates of the Caribbean or the Pirates’ Beach play area for younger mateys. But if you’re up for a real thrill, climb aboard a runaway wagon of Indiana Jones’ Temple of Peril.

The first Disney roller coaster in the world to feature an inversion, this whip-cracking adventure races through ancient ruins of a lost jungle civilization, taking inspiration from the 1984 sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Your expedition begins with a rickety lift to the top of an archeological excavation site. From there your ride vehicle plunges through twists and turns with sudden drops, careening around towers and pillars, and upside down through one loop midtrack. Between 2000 and 2004, the trains were rear-facing, adding an extra element of anticipation for Guests as they rode the ride in reverse. The seats have since been repositioned to face forward.

 Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

Today’s Takeaway:
Henry Walton Jones, Jr., Ph.D., is a college professor whose alter ego, Indiana Jones, is a masterful archaeologist renowned for his ability to uncover lost treasure. Real-life archaeological digs around the world shed insight into millennia of human history. Some locations have unearthed dinosaur skeletons. Others have revealed invaluable trinkets, pottery, and documents. Some locations uncover ruins of buildings, even entire cities.

Today, create a dig site for your kids. Hide some small toys in a backyard sandbox. Supply your kids with hand shovels, sifters, and small brushes, and lead them on an excavation. For additional studies, if you live near a fossil site, plan a visit to it or a nature museum.

SKILL LEVEL: Preschool, Elementary

UEFT 2 Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

 Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

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    This is some wild ride- unexpected, but so much fun!!