DREAMs are not just FANTASY on Disney Cruise Line

 DREAMs are not just FANTASY on Disney Cruise Line

Just over a year ago, the Disney Cruise Line fleet expanded with the launch of the Disney DREAM. I was honored to attend its christening celebration and cruise to Castaway Cay January 19-21, 2011, which occurred before the public set sail on the January 26th maiden voyage. Here’s a photo montage of the festivities and some DREAM features.

With 14 towering decks (two more than its sister ships), a ship length measuring 1,115 feet and width of 125 feet, the 130,000-ton DREAM is 40% larger than the MAGIC and the WONDER. It holds 5,007 beds (nearly 2,000 more than the MAGIC and WONDER) in its 1,250 staterooms to comfortably accommodate 4,000 passengers and its 1,458 Crew Members.

Animators+Palate DREAMs are not just FANTASY on Disney Cruise Line

Dining, of course, is exquisite on the Disney DREAM. You can dine in a different location each evening, and your wait staff will follow you. Some choices include
Enchanted Garden—a whimsical, casual French garden environment that transforms from day to night.
Animator’s Palate—a signature Disney Cruise Line restaurant filled with character sketches, film strips, paint brush pillars and pencil columns.
Royal Palace—an elegant eatery that features fairy tale elements such as tiaras, glass slippers, roses and apples inspired by the classic Disney films Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

Special kid zones entertain infants on up.
it’s a small world nursery—for little ones ages 3 months to toddlers aged 3, provides quality care for the littlest Guests.
Oceanears Club—for kids ages 4 to 10, features several different themed play areas, interactive dance floor and a craft room.
Edge—club for tweens ages 11 to 13, offers gaming wall, computer stations and a special porthole for viewing the AquaDuck—the world’s first at-sea water coaster!
Vibe—club for teens 14 to 17, features wall pods for video/audio/gaming, giant LCD screen and private pool deck.

Stage shows, movie screenings and spontaneous Character greetings make the journey even more magical. More than you could ever dream of awaits you and your family!

Today’s Takeaway:
The DREAM’s little sister, the Disney FANTASY, will soon be joining the fleet too and will boast many of the same attractions that draw travelers aboard the DREAM. We’ll take a special look at the FANTASY when it sets sail next month. For now, though, you can cross the Atlantic Ocean on it virtually via the Disney Cruise Line Diaries (find the videos at DisneyCruiseLineNews Youtube channel). Track the ship on its journey to the States in these daily video journals via disneycruise.com.

Watch all the videos and let your imagination run. “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492…” What a different voyage he took! Visit your local library and/or research Christopher Columbus online. Study his journals. Mark his first Atlantic crossing on a map. Consider how long the trip took and what the morale of his crew might have become by the time they reached the East Indies. Put yourself in Columbus’ place and write a daily journal from his perspective. If you’re feeling especially creative, turn that into a screenplay and have mom and dad make a Christopher Columbus video cruise journal.

SKILL LEVEL: Middle Grades


 DREAMs are not just FANTASY on Disney Cruise Line

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 DREAMs are not just FANTASY on Disney Cruise Line

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