Magical Blogorail Fridays

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse boards the Magical Blogorail Yellow Loop on the first Friday of each month. On the Fridays in between, we’re bringing you a sampling of our fellow Blogorailers’ sites.

This week we’re spotlighting someone you’re already familiar with: anda from Manda’s Disney Blog! Manda is a student with a passion for all things Disney. She lives in Scotland and loves to visit Disneyland Resort Paris. She’s super creative and does a way cool Jack Sparrow impression too 😉

Manda writes for Magical Blogorail Black. Here’s a taste of her recent post, “Disney Summer Surfboard Cupcakes“:

There’s so many reasons … most are obvious … ‘Dreams Coming True’ , magical memories in Disneyland Paris, goosebump-tastic and hilarious Disney movies, awesome Disney movie soundtracks that brighten my day! … but a less obvious reason I love Disney is that it inspires me in my baking adventures! Along my blogging journey, a large part of my blog has turned out to be Disney inspired recipes! Disney helps me come up with cute and interesting baking ideas all the time … like these cool Summer Surfboard Cupcakes!

These are inspired by a recipe on for Phineas’ Surfboard Cupcakes! But they could just as easily be called Lilo and Stitch Cupcakes too! :)

Read on to get the recipe and explore the rest of Manda’s blog!

The next Magical Blogorail Yellow Loop will run Friday, September 2. Check back then to find out where we’ll be stopping!

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  • Manda

    Thank you so much Jodi!! 😀 I laughed when you mentioned my Jack Sparrow impression! LOL! 😀

  • Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe

    Manda is so fun! I really enjoy all the great cupcake and treat recipes she shares on her site!

  • shopannies

    those cookies look awesome come visit me at I am a new follower